Material Procurement Solutions

In addition to recovering maximum value from our Clients’ excess materials we also provide our clients with services that enable quick and easy access to scarce and long-lead-time materials in the secondary market.

Spot Market Purchases: In addition to helping our Clients recover maximum value for their IOS materials and products, IMPartners provides one-stop global sourcing support to the electronic component and finished goods buyer. IMPartners monitors daily worldwide inventories, market pricing and factory lead times of both components and finished goods. Our real-time access to global product enables us to find the electronic components and finished goods our clients need, quickly and accurately.

PPV (Purchase Price Variance) Support: Depending upon market conditions clients may be able to take advantage of lower component prices thru IMPartners than originally anticipated. IMPartners market intelligence and strong relationships with thousands of suppliers across the market allow us to advise our clients when there are opportunities to take advantage of market conditions in order to reduce Bill of Material (BOM) cost and improve profit margins.

Upload your item/items today and let IMPartners help your company lower its COGS and improve profitability.

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