IMPartners on line systems allow real time tracking of product and return settlement for our clients. An understanding of revenue sharing status is available on demand.

Experienced Team

IMPartners leadership has over 65 combined years of experience within the industry dedicated to the values of credibility, trust, and long term relationships with our clients.

Quality Process

IMPartners ensures accurate market analysis, quality material processes, and reliable data from our web based system within our 20,000 square foot facility.

Asset Management Solutions

We offer four primary options for your overstocked products and excess inventory.

Revenue Sharing – Consignment

Our most powerful service for returning the maximum return on non-performing assets to your bottom line. Most preferred option by CFO’s in our portfolio.


We can turn your non-performing assets into cash today. Instant return and payment on non-performing materials.

Custom Solutions

Talk with our representatives to see how we can develop an option that meets your complex business needs.

Metals Recovery & Recycling Services

Our full suite of services allows our customers one-stop shopping for all their asset management needs.

Material Procurement Solutions

Inventory Management Partners can get the products you need. Our skilled personnel are able to locate not only hard to find material but can also work with you on cost reduction on frequently used material. We are trained to find and suggest alternatives and substitutes when the original products cannot be sourced. Send us an email at [email protected] to see what we can find for you.

Brands We Work With