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One of the most challenging aspects of many industries is the ability to forecast product demand accurately. The shifts in demand created by frequent, unpredictable ups and downturns of the business cycle invariably impact the balance of supply and demand. This imbalance is further compounded by shorter design and life cycles of products, creating additional risk and uncertainty as they rapidly move in and out of production.

As each player within the supply chain attempts to adjust to these many factors, inventory misalignments are often created. The result is that companies inevitably end up with excess, obsolete, and slow-moving inventories, both at the components and finished goods level. This adversely impacts profitability and return on assets.

Inventory Management Partners specializes in electronics and tech components like hard drives, CPUs, capacitors, electrical devices, and computer components. While we sell overstock inventory and do inventory liquidation, we do not handle clothing, food, toys, kitchen accessories, or other items.

Converting Non-Performing Assets into Cash

Inventory Management Partners has been adeptly managing clients’ Inactive, Excess Obsolete (IOS) material for over 13 years. Over that period, IMPartners has far outperformed the traditional E & O Liquidation Broker model, returning some of the industry’s highest cash recoveries. Our asset management programs include:

  • Revenue Sharing
  • Consignment Programs
  • Liquidation Programs
  • Custom Solutions
  • Metals Recovery
  • Recycling Services

What Kinds of Assets Can IMPartners Support?

IMPartners can generate cash from virtually any asset class. However, the majority of our assets under management are related to electronic components and finished goods. IMPartners has experience supporting a wide range of asset classes and industries, including:

  • Capital Goods
  • Consumer Goods
  • Electronic Devices
  • Technology Components
  • Communications Products
  • Industrial & Commercial Assets
  • And others

Customized Asset & Inventory Management Solutions

Proactive Non-Performing Asset Marketing

Market Analysis

At the outset of every Client engagement, IMPartners conducts a detailed part by part market value analysis. We evaluate the following factors when establishing an estimated recovery value and suggested price for products:

  • Manufacturing Part Number
  • Quantity
  • Standard Cost
  • Current Market Price Within Primary Channels
  • Factory Lead Time

In addition to the above, IMPartners evaluates subjective information related to historical demand trends and your materials’ current availability within secondary and primary channels. Once these factors are considered, IMPartners meets with each client to review their standard costs and define by line item the recommended price.

100% Material Verification

IMPartners robust incoming inspection process includes validation of component counts, packaging inspection, verification, logging of material date codes, a thorough review of product condition, and quality. We then share our detailed assessment with our clients.

Optimized Product Value

IMPartners service and value proposition optimize the value recovered from IOS materials by aggressively marketing globally through our network of Primary (OEM/EMS) and secondary (Independent Distributor) channels. Our unique channels and relationships enable IMPartners to return the highest possible revenue to our clients.


We recognize that a key consideration of a client’s decision to partner with IMPartners is their trust and comfort in putting a valuable asset (inventory) in the hands of another organization. Over our history, IMPartners has earned an exemplary reputation for honesty, integrity, and accountability, fully aligned with our clients’ goals and objectives.

Full Visibility

All of the clients’ materials and products are visible and accessible through the IMPartners Website Portal. Using a secure User ID and password, clients have the opportunity to check in real-time all product listings, transactions, and revenue settlements. This transparency and open access are important to clients needing immediate information to support internal meetings related to inventory availability and asset recovery programs’ progress.

Industry Experience

The decision as to which asset recovery model makes the most sense is understanding industry and market trends. IMPartners prides itself on its demonstrated credibility, reputation, and industry knowledge. Our principals bring over 65 years of technology market experience to recovering value for our clients. Our focus is on maximizing returns over the long term instead of quick liquidation that primarily benefits the broker.


IMPartners recognizes that not every component or product can be remarketed for reuse. In those situations where components or finished goods have no market value or are proprietary, IMPartners help our clients recycle and reclaim the value in components’ materials. Many components have small quantities of precious metals that can be recovered through a reputable reclamation process. IMPartners collaborates with well-established reclamation and recycling affiliates to ensure materials are handled professionally in an environmentally-responsible manner.


To assist our clients’ SOX compliance requirements, all transactions are fully auditable. Each sale’s records are kept for a period of no less than three years.

Certified Stocking Independent Distributor

Millions of dollars of in-stock, available-to-sell components, and finished goods inventory.

In-depth Industry Expertise

IMPartners personnel has over 65 years of industry experience, thus assuring clients of receiving the right product on-time.

Asset Liquidation Programs

Asset Liquidation Program materials are typically purchased by line item or full lot bids. Typically, this is at a steep discount (90-95%) to the original purchase cost. Due to the very steep discounts associated with Liquidation programs, IMPartners recommends “liquidation” only in rare instances or if the client needs immediate cash.

Although IMP has the ability to support the client’s liquidation requirements and has purchased millions of dollars of excess, obsolete material, we strongly recommend our clients explore a customized solution that considers proactive marketing of non-performing assets. Upload your inventory component or finished goods list today to receive feedback and a bid by line item or lot.

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